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6876 Flip Seat Bariatric Chair Scale

6876 Flip Seat Bariatric Chair Scale

SKU # DET-6876



The light and portable 6876 Flip Seat Bariatric Chair Scale features Body Mass Index, battery or AC power, concealed wheels for quick mobility, padded retractable armrests, and a 24" x 24" (61cm x 61cm) square non-slip rubber mat platform. This scale is a hybrid standing/sitting scale. The seat flips up and down easily to allow weighing in a standing or sitting position depending on the comfort of the patient. It's equipped with retractable armrests for ease in transferring patients to the chair scale and to accomodate patients with casts. The flip-up armrests double as handgrips for stability when weighing in a standing position.

Easy-to-use keypad and extra-large display is perfect for patient weighing and viewing by the attending nurse, physician, or patient themself. A quick and simple BMI calculator with a scroll feature to input height allows you the ease of BMI calculation when you require it.

6876 Flip Seat Bariatric Chair Scale by Detecto features:
- Lightweight, easily moved on built-in wheels.
- Fully electronic - 4 load cells.
- Hybrid design allows seat to flip up and down for weighing in a standing or sitting position.
- Safety stops to prevent accidental tipping.
- Padded seat and armrests ensure patient comfort.
- Armrests fold up and down for ease of patient access and stability.
6876 Flip Seat Bariatric Chair Scale Specifications
Capacity: 600 lb x .2 lb / 270 kg x .1 kg
Platform: 24" x 24" square (61cm x 61cm) with non-slip rubber mat
Power: 6 "AA" size alkaline batteries or optional AC adapter
Display: 0.75" high digits - LCD
Display Functions: Auto power off, Hold/release of display, Motion detection