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Coldstar Hot/Cold Gel Bandage Ice Pack

Coldstar Hot/Cold Gel Bandage Ice Pack

Item # ICE-PACK 4X15 CS
SKU # COL-80701




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For therapeutic relief of muscle aches or pains. ColdStar HOT or COLD Therapy Packs are Bandage Ice Packs that maintain an even temperature over the entire pack. ColdStar Hot or Cold Therapy Packs are the highest quality! Coldstar Hot/Cold Gel Bandage Ice Packs are leak-proof and contain no liquids or dyes. Each pack is biodegradable, and contains only non-toxic ingredients. Save money with our reusable ColdStar Hot or Cold Therapy Packs!

  • Remains soft and pliable
  • Saves time
  • From freezer to microwave and from microwave to freezer
  • Convenient
  • Reliable
  • Reusable
  • Non smear print
  • Latex Free
  • Safe - Non - Toxic
  • Stronger/Tougher
  • Pin hole free laminated film
  • Remains Flexible after Freezing 
  • Cleans Easily with Soap and Water
  • Can be put in freezer, boiled, or microwaved