Nursing Comfort Instant Relief System

Nursing Comfort Instant Relief System

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Breastfeeding provides a wonderful bonding experience and all the nutrients and immunities that nature perfectly-designed for your baby. However, in the early stages, you may have some discomfort in your breasts and nipples. There is finally a way to relieve the discomfort quickly and naturally. Our doctor-developed ultra-soft treatment sleeves and cooling gel pads provide instant relief from discomfort, swelling, irritation and soreness associated with breastfeeding.

The Cooling Gel Pads instantly soothe burning and irritation while our ultra-soft treatment sleeves are coated with natural milk proteins and a glycerin complex, specifically formulated to reduce the skin's acidity and inflammation and promote healing.

  • Provide instant relief from engorgement discomfort, nipple irritation and soreness
  • Essential milk proteins promote advanced healing by reducing the skin acidity and inflammation.
  • Safe and natural for mom and baby.

Contains two reusable gel pads, 20 disposable treatment sleeves and a .33 oz tube of Lanolin-Free Nipple Butter.

90 Day Limited Warranty

Size (L x W x H / WT):
6.00" x 1.00" x 6.00" / 0.15 lbs