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Telemergency Alert Device

Telemergency Alert Device

Item # DMI-TAD
SKU # 640-6195-0750



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With one simple press of a button (on the remote help pendant or unit) this remarkable device alerts where you are and what kind of emergency you may have. The Telemergency Alert Device automatically contacts 911 (optional) and up to five additional phone numbers of your choice. In addition, the device will work up to 30 hours during a power outage with a 9-volt battery backup (not included).

Telemergency has NO monthly fees, 3 different emergency buttons, 3 personalized emergency messages, 5 telephone per emergency, automatic speakerphone, speaker to monitor responses, room monitor, auto control dialing and tones that let you know help is on the way. Usable with all tone dialing telephone systems.

Customer service support is available through a toll-free number and the device will alert acknowledgement tones. Visually impaired features include the large concaved unit buttons and different sized buttons on the wireless help pendant.

Give to a loved one today, or take comfort yourself with Telemergency Alert Device.

Model 640-6195-0750.