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Commander Convoluted Gel Cushion

Commander Convoluted Gel Cushion

Item # ADV-CV 18

$78.95 - $78.95

16 in. Width x 16 in. Depth x 3 in. Thickness
18 in. Width x 18 in. Depth x 3 in. Thickness


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A versatile gel cushion, the Commander® Convoluted Gel Cushion is with a segmented gel bladder that contains an aqueous, highly viscous gel. The bladder is surrounded by a high density foam shell that is covered using a fluid-proof, low shear nylon top with a medical grade vinyl bottom. The low shear nylon cover is anti-microbial and fluid-proof to protect the inner core.

Available in sizes 16" x 16" or 18" x 18". 3" Thick.