OmniTrust Vinyl Power-Free Exam Gloves

OmniTrust Vinyl Power-Free Exam Gloves

SKU # OMN-312-11




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All OmniTrust? Vinyl Gloves are DOP/DEHP Free!

OmniTrust? Vinyl gloves provide flexibility and natural fit without the risk of allergic reactions to latex proteins. These gloves are manufactured of virgin PVC resins, and offer great flexibility for a wide variety of applications. Vinyl gloves, for example, withstand some chemicals and industrial cleaners better than some latex gloves.

Powder free vinyl gloves, in addition to being used for medical applications, are often used for industrial and packaging applications. The absence of powder makes them ideal for manufacturing and packaging such items as electronics and components.

Vinyl gloves are a great choice for individuals seeking an alternative to latex. Because of latex allergy issues, OSHA has recommended that workers use latex gloves only in situations that require protection from bloodborne pathogens and other infectious agents. Vinyl gloves have experienced strong growth from those concerned about worker safety and the liability issues currently surrounding latex allergies.

An excellent non-latex value for low risk applications. OmniTrust? vinyl gloves are formulated for comfortable fit and tactile sensitivity. Flat packed for optimum dispensing. Available in sizes Small through Extra Large.