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Therma-Kool Reusable Hot/Cold Compress with Freedom Wrap

Therma-Kool Reusable Hot/Cold Compress with Freedom Wrap





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A reusable gel pack designed to provide comfortable pain relief when cold or hot therapy is required, Therma-Kool® Hot/Cold Compress with Freedom Wrap remains flexible when frozen and is safe for microwavable use. Use cold for the treatment of sprains, strains, headaches, contusions, bruises, minor bleeding/burns. Use hot for temporary relief of muscle stiffness, aches and pains.

The thermal properties of Therma-Kool™ are unrivaled in the cold therapy market. The formulation must have the right combination (by percent) of water and ingredients to establish optimum cold/hot compresses. The gel is non-toxic and the packaging is latex-free.

Freedom Wrap™ is constructed of a revolutionary blend of poly-cotton, and laminated foam, the Freedom Wrap™ with elastic touch fastener secures the gel therapy pack to any part of the body for hands-free comfort during therapy. These reusable wraps act as a protective barrier between the skin and the pack, yet won't interfere with the healing process.


Size / Area Model Number
Ankle/Elbow, 4 in. x 9 in. TK49BW
Cervical, 4 in. x 18 in. TK418BW
Mini/Face, 4 in. x 6 in. TK46BW
Shoulder/Knee, 6 in. x 9 in. TK69BW