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Nylon Multipocket Medbag

Nylon Multipocket Medbag

Item # GFD-NMM
SKU # GFD-85215C-BK



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Constructed of durable padded nylon inside and out, this Nylon Multipocket Medbag's interior has 10 pouches and zipper pocket; the exterior has two pockets, handles and adjustable shoulder strap. Black color. Size: 10" x 14" x 6".
Pocket Vision Screener Instructions

Visual acuity (Va) can be assessed by using the Pocket Vision Screener (not to be confused with the larger Snellen eye chart). The Pocket Vision Screener gives a distance equivalent Va even though the card is held 14" from the patient. Va testing is done in the following manner:

1) Have the patient wear their corrective lenses (if any), make sure the card is evenly illuminated, and instruct the patient to hold the test card 14" away from their eyes. Corrective lenses are worn in order to determine the "best-corrected? Va.

2) Ask the patient to cover their left eye (the right eye is always examined first).

3) Ask the patient to say each letter or read each word on the line of smallest characters that are legible on the card.

4) Record the Va for the right eye according to the accepted notation method.

5) Repeat the process for the left eye and then with both eyes viewing the test card and record the Va.

6) Patient's who cannot see the letters or numbers on the card should have their vision recorded as count fingers (e.g., CF at 5ft), hand motion (e.g., HM at 2 ft), light perception (LP), or no light perception (NLP).