Back Pain Relief System with Tens Belt

Back Pain Relief System with Tens Belt

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Deep Tissue Pain Relief for Sore and Aching Muscles, this Back Pain Relief System with Tens Belt Technology is safe and effective. Portable and convenient. Easy to use

Includes batteries and a 3-Year Warranty.
  • All in one electrode belt, electrode pads and monitor
  • Dual-Channel TENS System with eight preprogrammed pulse programs and adjustable intensity level
  • Adjustable Belt Fits up to 41? Waist; extender adds an extra 8?
What is Tens Belt Technology?
Transcutaneous (through the skin) Electrical Nerve Stimulation sends mild electrical impulses to the muscles in the lower back needing treatment, causing the targeted muscles to exercise passively. This pocket-sized, portable and battery-operated monitor delivers pulses intermittently and may stimulate the body?s production of endorphins (natural pain killers released by the brain).

The TENS belt is a passive, noninvasive treatment for acute and chronic pain. All electrode wires are conveniently contained in a soft, comfortable belt for ease of use. Used properly this TENS belt can provide pain relief last for several hours. TENS treatment can be combined with other therapy, such as exercise, to achieve optimum health benefits.

TENS is widely used in hospitals and sports clinics for the treatment of muscular injuries and to improve muscle tone and blood circulation.
  • Storage Bag
  • 2 AAA Batteries
  • Detailed Guidebook in English and Spanish
  • 3-Year Limited Warranty