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AeroNeb Go Micropump Nebulizer

Item # DRI-ANMN W PC | SKU # 7090

Price: $269.95 - $294.95

AeroNeb Go Micropump Nebulizer

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The Aeroneb ® Go Micropump Nebulizer by Drive Medical is the solution for all your on-the-go nebulization needs. With an industry leading treatment time of 3cc in 5 minutes, using this nebulizer will never get in the way of your daily activities. The stylish carry bag has a belt loop so that bringing this nebulizer with you is never an inconvenience. With an average particle size of 3.6 micrometers, 99.97% of particles generated are able to be absorbed in the lungs, allowing treatments to be more effective. The Aeroneb ® Go uses OnQ Aerosol Generator technology as its method of nebulization which provides speed and superior particle consistency.


  • The most proven and clinically effective nebulizer ever produced for the homecare market.
  • Unique micropump technology operates silently while delivering respiratory medications rapidly with minimal waste.
  • With 99.97% of particles generated in the respirable range, the AeroNeb® Go is a clinically superior product.
  • Ultra-lightweight 2 ounce handset.
  • Aerosolizes a broad range of medications, including viscous liquids like Budesonide.
  • Includes handset, mouthpiece, adult elbow mask adapter, and battery controller.
  • AC power cord available on 7090 model.
  • Uses 3 AA batteries (not included) allowing up to 3 hours of operation.
Method of Nebulization
Parctical Size
Unit Dimensions
Medication Cup Capacity
Liter Flow
Electrical Requirements
Battery Type
OnQ micropump
3.1 µm
1.6" (W) x 4.1" (H) x 3.7" (D)
6 mL
>0.3 ml/min
100-240 VAC 50-60 HZ
3 AA disposable
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