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Samples - First Quality Full Fit Briefs

Samples - First Quality Full Fit Briefs

Item # S-FQP-FFB 3 XL EA
SKU # IB014/1_Sample

$1.00 - $1.00

Medium_SAMPLE, 32 in. x 44 in.
Sample - Large, 45 in. x 58 in.
X-Large_SAMPLE, 59 in. x 64 in.


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Samples - Designed with extended fluff in both the front and back side panels for enhanced security and comfort for the wearer. Prevail® IB0 style Full Fit Briefs feature First Quality's Advanced Zoning System® for maximum leakage protection and skin dryness.

Trial Samples are $1.00 per piece, and Ship Free. Order Limit: 3 Samples per item, 9 Samples per customer. Samples help you decide on the best solution for you.

  • Target Acquisition Zone: Advanced core design and fast absorbing Blue Stay-Dry Strip improves skin dryness and reduces the potential for leakage, improving odor control, healthier skin and wearer comfort.
  • Fecal Containment Zone: Scientifically designed target area that locks up loose stool for improved containment and healthier skin.
  • Refasten Zone: With the new ELF? closure system, the entire outer cover of the brief is a refasten zone, allowing for multiple tab refastening for improved fit, accurate sizing and cost savings through reduced waste.

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