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Samples - SlimLine Breathable Briefs

Samples - SlimLine Breathable Briefs

Item # S-SL-BB 3 XL EA
SKU # 2307_Sample

$1.00 - $1.00

Large SAMPLE, 45 in. to 58 in.
Medium SAMPLE, 32 in. to 44 in.
X-Large SAMPLE, 56 in. to 64 in.


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Samples - SlimLine Breathable Briefs by Tranquility with soft, cloth-like outer layer features micro-hook closure tabs for easy, secure fastening and breathable sides to promote air circulation for comfort and healthy skin. A contoured core quickly absorbs fluids and follows the curve of the body, and the Peach Mat construction guarantees superior performance in skin dryness, urine neutralization, odor reduction and inhibition of bacterial growth. For Heavy Protection. The SlimLine® Breathable Briefs allows the wearer to feel more comfortable in any climate.

Trial Samples are $1.00 per piece, and Ship Free.  Order Limit: 3 Samples per item, 9 Samples per customer. Samples help you decide on the best solution for you.

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Item #DescriptionSizing*CapacityPackaging
2305 Medium 32" - 44" 20.4oz / 602ml 12/pk, 96cs
2306 Large 45" - 58" 21.4oz / 632ml 12/pk, 96cs
2307 X-Large 56" - 64" 23.7oz / 702ml 12/pk, 72cs

Measure *Waist or hips, whichever is bigger.

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