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Swordfish UVC Air Purifier


Swordfish UVC Air Purifier

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Swordfish UVC Air Purifier


Price: $169.95

Protect Your Family With Clean, Healthy and Purified Indoor Air

Swordfish UVC Air Purifier by Allanson is designed to actually kill viruses, molds, bacteria, and dust mites with UVC light, rather than simply trapping it. The two speed whisper fan is so quiet you can keep it in your bedroom. Easy to replace lamp requires changing once a year. Included is a lifetime, washable, antimicrobial pre-filter. Looks great in any room!

The Swordfish UVA Air Purifier unit provides a sufficient dose given the velocity of air in an average room up to 200 square feet.

Benefits of Swordfish UVC Air Treatment System are:
- Hospital proven technology.
- Alleviates allergy and asthma symptoms.
- Helps prevent the spread of colds and flu.
- 2-speed, whisper quiet fan.
- Swordfish lamps produce NO ozone.
- Smart chip technology.
- Lamp replacement notification.
- CSA approved.
- Sleek design fits into any decor.
Swordfish F.A.Q.

Can you tell me where to buy replacement bulbs in the future?
Contact us at 1-877-9-CWIMED

How much maintenance does it require?
Wash filter every 3 months. Replace lamp once a year (indicated by flashing red light)

Does it capture dust?
The allergen filter will capture dust

How long to feel the difference?
Our consumers who suffer from allergies and asthma feel a difference within the first 24 hours. Those who do not sometimes come to a realization after a winter season, that they did not get colds / flu?s that year

Does it produce ozone?
Swordfish doesn?t produce ozone. Ozone has been shown to worsen chronic respiratory conditions (EPA) so we developed Swordfish to be non ozone forming

How does it work?
Swordfish attacks the DNA structure of a micro organism ? very similar to how humans would be affected if we were close the sun. Swordfish de-activates the DNA structure rendering a micro organism unable to reproduce or cause you bodily harm. The benefit to Swordfish uvc is that it kills rather than just trapping or filtering

How much will it cost to run?
Swordfish costs pennies a day to run, (5-8 cents). And a total of $20/30 per year. Swordfish is designed with solid-state ballast which draws only 1/3 of an amp

How can you say it prevents colds and flu and alleviates allergies?
Swordfish kills the bacteria that can cause recurring colds and flu?s as well as pneumonias. Our consumers say they feel everything from sleeping better to not using as many puffers/allergy pills. While moulds and allergies, bacteria and fungus can aggravate respiratory discomfort, Swordfish kills those micro organisms so they can no longer cause the same symptoms
UVC technology used in hospitals brought to you at a reasonable price!

When you change your furnace filter it becomes evident how much dirt and dust is actually being captured. Swordfish kills those micro organisms so they cannot cause you bodily harm.

We are dedicated to developing healthy living products and providing clean healthy air. Swordfish technology is so effective that once you try it you will want to tell all your friends! Many of our consumers have been a big part of our product development process and we'd like to share the effect Swordfish has had on their lives.

Swordfish owners frequently contact us to thank us for the first night of sleep in a long time, or for waking up without headaches or congestion, or even for just breathing better!
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