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CWI Medical

Foam Wheelchair Cushion 20 in. Wide

Item # ADV-FWC20 V 4 GR | SKU # ADV-502FA-4VG

Price: $40.50 - $83.95

Foam Wheelchair Cushion 20 in. Wide Foam Wheelchair Cushion 20 in. Wide
Foam Wheelchair Cushion 20 in. Wide Foam Wheelchair Cushion 20 in. Wide

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The Foam Wheelchair Cushion by Blue Chip Medical is designed to provide comfort and basic protection for the wheelchair bound patient. Ideal for home or institutional use. This cushion is available with a poly/cotton cover or incontinent medical grade vinyl cover. A medium density fire-retardant foam is used for this cushion.

  • Cushions are available with a thickness of 2", 3" or 4".
  • Color available for Poly/Cotton Covers: Black, Navy, Plaid.
  • The Vinyl Cover is Gray, and durable for Incontinent users.
  • This model is for the 20" Width cushion. 


Model # Thickness Cover Material Color
502FA-2CB 2 inches Poly/Cotton Black
502FA-2CN 2 inches Poly/Cotton Navy
502FA-2PL 2 inches Poly/Cotton Plaid
502FA-3CB 3 inches Poly/Cotton Black
502FA-3CN 3 inches Poly/Cotton Navy
502FA-3PL 3 inches Poly/Cotton Plaid
502FA-4CB 4 inches Poly/Cotton Black
502FA-4CN 4 inches Poly/Cotton Navy
502FA-4PL 4 inches Poly/Cotton Plaid
502FA-2VG 2 inches Vinyl Gray
502FA-3VG 3 inches Vinyl Gray
502FA-4VG 4 inches Vinyl Gray


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