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Sklar Soak Liquid Disinfectant

Item # SKLR-SOAK CS | SKU # 10-1603

Sklar Soak Liquid Disinfectant

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Sklar Soak Liquid Disinfectant

Item # SKLR-SOAK CS | SKU # 10-1603

Price: $56.00 - $205.95


Foam Spray Cleaner

The newest product from Sklar for expert care of your surgical instruments. This multi-enzymatic spray creates a heavy foam which lasts for hours, keeping soiled instruments moist to avoid encrustation while also pre-cleaning prior to processing.

  • Prevents Organic Encrustation - enzyme foam stops blood and bodily fluids from drying onto surgical instruments.

  • No More Spills - messy spills between the operating room and central cleaning/processing department are eliminated.

  • Neutral pH - safe and effective for stainless steel, tungsten carbide, aluminum and brass instruments.

  • Bacteriostatic - microbiological control agents inhibit bacterial growth in the ready-to-use foam solution.

  • Long Lasting Foam - saves time, foam lasts many hours after application.

  • Multi-Enzymatic - contains a synergistic blend of lipase and protease enzymes.

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