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Littauer Stitch Scissors

Littauer Stitch Scissors

Item # MIL-LSS 5
SKU # MIL-9-104

$65.50 - $67.50

4-1/2 in.
5-1/2 in.


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Stitch Scissors by Miltex are made to perform general to the most specific of procedures and tasks. It comes in different models; Spencer Stitch Scissors, Littauer Stitch Scissors and Stitch Scissors. It is designed with sharp or blunt tips and curved, hooked or blunt curved blades. The top blade of the scissor is straight and the lower one is either hooked or curved out ward.

Miltex recognizes and meets a variety of clinical needs in the careful construction of our Surgical Scissors. Whether Dissecting, Cutting Tissue, Suture or Dressing material or performing any number of important functions, our finely crafted scissors perform at a level equal to the surgical task.