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Get clinically proven results with Pro-Stat Liquid Protein, UTI-Stat Fiber-Stat, and Diff-Stat.

Available at CWI Medical, our Pro-Stat Liquid Protein Sugar Free formulas provide a 96% Greater Improvement in Pressure Ulcer Healing than Standard Care Alone.  Our natural UTI-Stat with Proantinox liquid formula helps to support urinary tract health and prevent recurrence of UTIs. Get 15 grams of soluble fiber for gentle, effective relief from constipation while naturally improving intestinal and overall health with our Fiber-Stat Liquid Fiber formula.  And 97% of Residents taking Diff-Stat Powder while on Antibiotics did not develop AAD, and 100% remained free of C-diff! These products are brought you by Nutricia / Medical Nutrition.

CWI Medical stocks these items readily on head and delivers straight to you.  Our customers benefit from Earning 2% back on all orders, and Free Shipping when signing up for Repeat Delivery for orders of $45+. 

Trusted and Clinically Proven: Click Here to View All Items by Nutricia - Makers of Pro-Stat

  PRO-STAT LIQUID PROTEIN Pro-Stat Liquid Protein, Sugar Free PRO-STAT LIQUID PROTEIN Pro-Stat AWC Sugar Free Advanced Wound Care Liquid Protein PRO-STAT LIQUID PROTEIN Pro-Stat Renal Care - Sugar Free, High Fiber      PRO-STAT LIQUID PROTEIN UTI-Stat with Proantinox   PRO-STAT LIQUID PROTEIN Fiber-Stat with FOS and Prune Juice        PRO-STAT LIQUID PROTEIN Diff-Stat Powder
Pro-Stat Liquid Protein Sugar Free Pro-Stat Advanced Wound Care Pro-Stat Renal Care UTI-Stat w/Proantinox Fiber-Stat Liquid Fiber Diff-Stat Powder



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