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Glucerna is gluten-free and formulated especially for weight-watchers, diabetics, and those in need of a Glycemic Control Drink. Different formulas available for specified caloric needs, and can be a meal or a snack, or chose enteral feeding.  Our Glucerna Shake is available in a variety of flavors, chocolate, vanilla, butter pecan, and strawberry.  Need help? Call us at 1-877-929-4633. We are happy to help!

Glucerna Shake

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Clinically shown to produce a lower blood glucose response compared to a standard medical nutritional beverage, Glucerna Shake…

A calorically dense formula with slowly digestible carbohydrates to help minimize blood glucose response.1  GLUCERNA 1.2 CAL is a specialized…

Minimizing blood glucose response can be hard to find when eating a conventional meal. Glucerna 1.5 Cal  has…

Viewing 1 - 3 of 3 Items
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