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Nutrition For the Facility & Emergency Preparation
Home Health Care & Tips for Caregivers Articles & Resources on Specific Products
Dialysis & Treatment Articles by Noah Lam, COO of CWI Medical
Bariatric Needs Breast Cancer Awareness
Other Helpful Articles & Resources Ebola - Information, Awareness & Facts
Health & Medical Trends Mens Health



Diabetes: What to Eat?  

Choosing a Clinical Diabetic Nutrition

Nutrition for Life

Nutrition and Wound Healing

Nutrition & Hair Loss - Foods That Prevent Hair Loss

Dealing with Dysphagia while Maintaining your Health: by Noah Lam

The Benefits of Fiber in Your Diet: by Noah Lam

Essential to Health Hydration

10 Vegetarian Sources of Protein: by Joe Wilkes

Healthy Holiday Dessert Recipes


Articles on Home Health Care & Tips for Caregivers   ( Back to Top )

Supporting Independence

Practical Tips for Caregiving What is an underpad or chux?

Unintentional Death from Bed Falls: by Noah Lam

How Walking 10,000 Steps a Day Improved my Insulin Sensitivity: by Stacy H. Federico  

Chiropractic Care: A Child with Autism and a Doctor’s Incredible Journey

My Son Ryan: A personal account by a mother raising a son with Autism

The Importance of Properly Sizing Incontinence Products

The Importance of Skin pH

What is Incontinence?

Managing Caregiving: Techniques That Can Help

Cranky Old Man Poem

Caregiving Tips for Those with Alzheimer’s and Dementia

The Staggering Costs of Dementia


Dialysis & Treatment    ( Back to Top )

A Second Chance: A Personal Account with Dialysis & Getting a Transplant

Alcohol & Chronic Kidney Disease

20 tips for a Good Life: Living with Chronic Kidney Disease

Special Vitamin Requirements for Kidney Patients


Bariatric Needs   ( Back to Top )

Challenges in Bariatrics:   by Steve Salomon, RN, MBA  

Learning about Bariatrics and Obesity

Better Quality of Life with Bariatric / Gastric Bypass Surgery


Ebola - Information, Awareness & Facts    ( Back to Top )

Hospital Checklist for Ebola Preparedness

Ebola Virus Disease Q&A

World Health Organization Regarding the Ebola Outbreak

Hand Hygiene Recommendations and the Use of ABHR by Agency


Health & Medical Trends    ( Back to Top )

Monitoring the Vital Signs of Your Newborn Yourself – Yes or No?


Other Helpful Articles & Resources   ( Back to Top )

Thoughtful Gifts for a Baby Shower or a Newborn  

Pregnant & Fighting a Cold?

Pillow Talk: Get A Restful Night's Sleep

What Can You Do About Lower Back Pain During Pregnancy?

Dressings and What They Do

Choosing the Right Power Scooter

OM for the Holidays - The Physiological Benefits of Yoga: by Joanna Rothschild

Valentine's Day: Heart Aches or Heart Disease

What is a Urinary Tract Infection?

First Time Mom-to-Be at 40 something

Healthy and Practical Gift Ideas

Stay Safe and Healthy This 4th of July !

Caution C. Diff in the Hospital: Don't Get More Sick in the Hospital


For the Facility & Emergency Preparation     ( Back to Top )

The Care and Cleaning of Sklar Surgical Instruments

Choosing the Right Glove

The Dangers of C-Diff & AAD

Be Prepared For any Emergency : by Alan Krawitz

Be Prepared for a Natural Disaster

Time for Evacuation and Escape an Emergency: by Noah Lam


Breast Cancer Awareness   ( Back to Top )

Vitamin D and Me

Breast ultrasound, mammogram, MRI or all three?

New Medical Treatments Arise From Around the World

15 Cancer Symptoms Women Ignore

10 Things That May Surprise You About Breast Cancer

Three Tips for Reducing Your Breast Cancer Risk : Get Fit


Mens Health

Keep Cholesterol In Check  

5 Cookout Mistakes That Will Make You Sick

Knee Pain Relief For Men

How Your Allergies Have Evolved

Why Am I Going Bald


Articles & Resources on Specific Products    ( Back to Top )

How SimplyThick Thickening Gel Works  

Prevail's Product Selection Guide for Continence Care Products

How Do Diabetic Socks Work?

Anatomical Mounting

Janibell Liner Refills - Adult Incontinence Disposal Systems

Recipes Using Pro-Stat Liquid Protein

Pro-Stat Liquid Protein FAQs


Additional Articles by Noah Lam, COO of CWI Medica l    ( Back to Top )

Runners and Ice Packs

How Do Disposable Diapers Absorb?

Germ Free Hands

Weighing Scales 101

How to Avoid Possible Embarrassment at the Airport

Your Medical Biography: A Best Seller

Bathroom / Restroom Tips for the Times Square New Year's Eve Ball Drop

Ironman Triathlon Journey

Tips for Your Warrior Dash


Noah Lam's Blog: Run With Noah     ( Back to Top )

Transform yourself, your family, your friends, your community, and our world by sharing what you love to do and a pair of running shoes! 

Get inspired from his journey of being a couch potato into a multi-marathon runner.



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