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Alco-Screen 02 Alcohol Test Strips (DOT Approved)


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Alco-Screen 02 Alcohol Test Strips (DOT Approved)

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DOT and Coast Guard Approved Saliva Alcohol Screening Device

The Alco-Screen 02 Alcohol Test is a simple, one-step, 4-minute saliva screening test that works in a clean, non-invasive manner. Alco-Screen 02 is approved by The United States Department of Transportation (DOT) for use as a saliva screening device to comply with their drug and alcohol testing regulations. Alco-Screen 02 Alcohol Test Strips are also approved by the United States Coast Guard.

The Alco-Screen 02 is a one-step screening test requiring no calibration or controls and does not require a machine.

The Alco Screen 02 provides test results within 4 minutes.

Can be used anytime, anywhere. Comes in individual foil packages and is completely disposable. 24 Strips/Box.

Saliva is the preferred testing specimen due to the relationship between saliva alcohol concentrations and blood alcohol concentrations. The saliva to blood ratio is 1 to 1, whereas breath is 0.00048 to 1.

Positive Result
Positive Result: Blood alcohol above 0.02%

Negative Result
Negative Result: Blood alcohol less than 0.02%.

AlcoScreen 02 Alcohol Test Strips are the most cost-effective saliva screening test available for compliance with DOT alcohol testing regulations.

Economical and Cost Effective
There is No equipment to purchase, service or calibrate, No possibility of Cross-Infection, No additional supplies needed, No reagents, No chemical mixing, No waste, No refrigeration and No operator training required.

Our Alcohol-Screening tests comply with COAST GUARD Regulations for commercial marine incidents, FDA Cleared, CLIA Waived and may used at facilities, establishments, and even for home-use.

Reliable, accurate, and widely used among transportation companies, schools, drug treatment centers, DWI programs (SADD,MADD, etc), Employee Testing, Correctional and Probation/Parole Officers.

Model 56288: Available by 24 Strips per Box, and by 12 boxes/case.  We ship this product up-to-date!

Alco-Screen Alcohol Test Strips

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