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Alco-Screen Alcohol Test Strips

Item # ALCO-ATS CASE | SKU # CHE-55001-300

Alco-Screen Alcohol Test Strips

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Alco-Screen Alcohol Test Strips

Item # ALCO-ATS CASE | SKU # CHE-55001-300

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Fast, Easy Screening Test For The Detection Of Alcohol

Designed for ease of use, portability and effectiveness, the Alco-Screen alcohol drug abuse screening tests finally give you a way to have immediate results in order to confirm your suspicions. Our alcohol testing strips work by detecting the blood alcohol content in the saliva of a person. These results won't tell you if the user is safe to drive or not since every person handles alcohol differently and small amounts may affect someone more severely than others. These tests do give you great information on the amount of alcohol a person does have in their bloodstream regardless how they are acting and behaving.

The Alco-Screen Alcohol Test was designed and patented in 1988 as a simple, cost-effective solution to screen for alcohol concentrations. Since that time, Alco-Screen has proven to be the leading alcohol screening device in the field!

Alco-Screen Alcohol Test Strips promote a safe work environment and increased productivity by helping to eliminate alcohol related accidents. Alco-Screen helps in the enforcement of "zero tolerance" laws, rules, regulations and agreements which prohibit alcohol consumption. Alco-Screen? also helps to monitor individuals enrolled in treatment programs. Individually wrapped, 24 Strips/Box.

The Alco-Screen can be used at any time, any place. Each test is individually wrapped and completely disposable. Does not require a machine.

Greatly reduces the time and cost associated with other single and multiple use methods.

The relationship between the amount of saliva alcohol and blood alcohol is 1:1 while the breath is 0.00048:1, making saliva a more sensitive medium than breath.

In addition to testing saliva alcohol, the Alco-Screen can detect the presence of alcohol in other fluids.

Economical and Cost Effective
There is No equipment to purchase, service or calibrate, No possibility of Cross-Infection, No additional supplies needed, No reagents, No chemical mixing, No waste, No refrigeration and No operator training required.

Our Alco-Screening tests comply with COAST GUARD Regulations for commercial marine incidents, FDA Cleared, CLIA Waived and may used at facilities, establishments, and even for home-use.

Reliable, accurate, and widely used among transportation companies, schools, drug treatment centers, DWI programs (SADD,MADD, etc), Employee Testing, Correctional and Probation/Parole Officers.

Model 55001-300 . Packaged 24 Strips per box.  12 boxes per case (288 Ct).

Alco-Screen Alcohol Test Strips

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