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Quad Cane

A quad cane is made of a metal used to provide additional stability that helps aid in walking and mobility.  It can stand by itself and provide more balance since they have four feet or four prong cane rather than the single foot of a regular cane.  There are quad cane large base and quad cane small base. To reduce slippage, the feet are covered with rubber caps. CWI Medical has some of the best quad canes available.

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Featuring a 4 point base, combined with offset handle, you will find additional stability and support with our…

Our easy to use, Quad Cane with Large Base features a 4 point base, and combined with offset…

This Bariatric Heavy Duty Steel Base Quad Cane by Drive Medical features the style and added support you…

Viewing 1 - 3 of 3 Items
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