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Med-Pass Program

For people at high risk for malnutrition, this section includes nutrition for those in a Med Pass Program (Medication Pass Program).  This Med-Pass Nutrition provides the additional calories and protein they need.

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A combination of hydrolyzed collagen and whey protein, ProSource NoCarb Liquid Protein is a sugar-free, concentrated, low-volume, high-protein supplement. This…

Pro-Stat Liquid Protein is a unique sugar-free formulation offering direct delivery of 15 grams of protein in one…

Calorie and Protein Dense Nutrition With scFOS, TwoCal HN is a nutritionally complete, high-calorie liquid food designed to…

Adding instant whey protein powder to your meals or beverages is a great way to increase the nutritional…

The perfect balance of formulated nutrients to help gain or maintain an ideal weight and for use during…

Allergen Free, 100% plant based, modular liquid protein designed for tube feeding (enteral) administration, our ProSource TF Free Liquid…

Viewing 1 - 6 of 6 Items
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