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Thickening Powder

All Thickening Powders, are made from a modified corn starch that gather water molecules and gelatinizes. This is called gelatinization that breaks down the bond of starch when mixed with water,  The hydrogen then is ready to engage more water. Thickening powder for liquids, water, or foods help those with dysphagia. Interesting fact, many famous chefs order these thickening powder for liquids, Thickenup, Thick-it or Thick and Easy from CWI Medical for sauces and gravy recipes with no lumps and does not alter the taste. Check out this simple gluten free gravy recipe

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Resource ThickenUp Powder is an instant thickener for hot and cold foods and beverages. Thickens quickly without lumping…

An instant food and beverage thickening powder  that mixes clear and easy-to-use.  Resource ThickenUp Clear is a thickening…

Versatile, appealing, and safer for swallowing, our Thick & Easy Instant Food and Beverage Thickener by Hormel is…

Dissolve our easy-to-use, corn-starch-based thickener in your favorite foods and beverages – hot or cold. Mix our Thick-It…

Viewing 1 - 4 of 4 Items
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