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Adult Incontinence Diaper Pails

CWI Medical carries Adult Incontinence Diaper Pails and liner refills by Janibell. If you or a loved one is living with incontinence, you'll want to make sure you equip your home with the correct disposal products to reduce odor and any potential embarrassment that may occur with a regular garbage basket. Our Janibell adult diaper disposal systems create a sanitary and odor sealing diaper pail that you will feel comfortable leaving in your home. 

CWI Medical is proud to sell Janibell products. Janibell is known for producing high quality adult diaper pails and liners that are reliable, affordable and effective. Janibell's state of the art design creates a strong odor containment that will prevent loved ones or visitors from experiencing any odor that may be present with your incontinence products. Unlike regular garbage cans, you can fully trust these specially designed adult diaper disposal systems to contain the odor and sight of used incontinence products.

If you have a question on what is the right Adult Diaper Pail for you, Contact Us today.

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Sturdy and stretch-resistant, and designed to securely hold your garbage without breaking, tearing or falling apart, our Janibell Refill…

For 400 Series - Sturdy and stretch-resistant, Janibell's bag liners are designed to securely hold your garbage without…

With its advanced double-sealing system, say goodbye to unpleasant and potentially embarrassing odors with our Janibell Akord Adult…

A double-sealing system that locks in odors, our Janibell M400D Commercial Diaper Pail will help you create a…

Viewing 1 - 4 of 4 Items
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