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Adsafe CPR Face Shield with Black Keychain

Item # ADS-CPRFS | SKU # ADC-4056BK

Adsafe CPR Face Shield with Black Keychain

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Adsafe CPR Face Shield with Black Keychain

Item # ADS-CPRFS | SKU # ADC-4056BK

Price: $4.75

Emergency preparedness can mean the difference between life and death.

When it comes to cardio pulmonary resuscitation (CPR), recent studies show rescuers hesitant to perform mouth to mouth due to potential pathogen risk. The Adsafe CPR Face Shield protects you from this risk, so you can safely treat others.

There is no-hesitation-to-act with this easily accessible, user friendly CPR face shield design. It incorporates a semi-transparent window allowing visualization of patient's lips, mouth, and nose while protecting the rescuer. With a highly effective barrier for saliva or droplet borne germs, mouth-to-mouth resuscitation can be administered safely.

This portable, easy to use CPR face shield protector caters to both medical professionals as well as non-professionals, even those with little or no training in CPR. The Adsafe CPR Face Shield includes printed instructions and orientation guides directly on the front to assist the rescuer during a high stress, crisis situation. In addition, the bite block airway tunnel with extended mouthpiece helps support an open airway when performing the head tilt, chin lift maneuver.

What you get:

•    Single use
•    Latex-Free
•    Semi-transparent window design
•    On site printed instructions for optimal use
•    Sturdy compact hard case with handy key ring clasp
•    Helpful mouthpiece design to encourage an open airway
•    One way valve with 3M Filtrete filter protects the rescuer from victim’s fluids
•    Face shield measuring 6 l x 10 width when open and just 2 x11/2 x 7/8 when stored in its case

There is no need to search for a safe barrier or put yourself in danger when The Adsafe CPR Face Shield is at the ready when you are. It is safe, reliable protection that won’t slow your reaction when it is needed most.

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