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Stryker Evacuation Chair

Item # STRKR-EC CH | SKU # 6254-000-000

Stryker Evacuation Chair Stryker Evacuation Chair Stryker Evacuation Chair Stryker Evacuation Chair
Stryker Evacuation ChairStryker Evacuation ChairStryker Evacuation ChairStryker Evacuation Chair

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Stryker Evacuation Chair

Item # STRKR-EC CH | SKU # 6254-000-000

Price: $4,267.00 - $4,267.00

Made to Order (Ships within 6-8 weeks)

Unexpected events. Accidents, emergencies, service interruptions can happen at any time. Be prepared and respond professionally with our Stryker Evacuation Chair (Model 6254). With its patented Stair-TREAD system and 500 lb Weight Capacity, this Stair Chair's allows a single person to safely move a disabled or injured person up and down from a multi-story building.

Standard Features for the Styker Evacuation Rescue Chair:

  • Innovative Stair-TREAD system allows easily controlled stair descent
  • Easy to understand user instructions incorporated on seatback
  • Color-coded controls for faster operation
  • Light-weight, rugged aluminum construction for low effort transports
  • Extendable head and foot end lift handles for ergonomic lifting
  • Molded hand grips fits hands for better ergonomics
  • Positive action locking mechanism
  • Compact storage size conserves space in corridors and closets
  • 4 inch front caster wheels with oversized rear wheels with sealed bearings for smooth transportation
  • Extendable upper control handle for upright operator posture and unobstructed line of sight
  • Dual wheel locks for secure transfering
  • Power washable for easy cleaning
  • Grease-free maintenance
  • Passenger restraint set with Fastex buckles - includes lap, chest and ankle restraints
  • Head support allows evacuation of passengers with compromised head control
  • Two-piece molded ABS seat for passenger comfort
  • In-service training video included

Having an advanced evacuation device on premises allows you to quickly and efficiently tend to the needs of patients that need assistance evacuating through staircases.

All Stryker Evacation Chairs come with Foot Rests - pictured above with optional Foot Support*  (Sold separately) that pivots and provides additional support. To order with a Foot Support, click here.

Model No. 6254-000-000 : Stryker Evacation Chair

For  Accessories    (Sold Separately)

Model No. Accessory
6254-050-000 Wall Bracket
6254-055-000 Chair Cover
6254-055-000 Storage Cabinet  
6254-045-000 Cabinet Alarm
6250-700-003 Oxygen Holder


For Options   (Must be ordered at time of purchase of 6254 Chair)

Model No. Accessory
6254-029-000   Foot Support*
6254-070-000 Aggressive Stair Tread


For detailed information on how you can integrate the Stryker Evacuation Chair into your safety plan,  contact us, or  Call 1-877-929-4633. 

Click Here to Order Accessories or Options for the Stryker Evacation Chair 


Please Note: 

  • CWI Medical is authorized Stryker distributor.  Purchasing through CWI Medical will ensure your 15 year warranty.  
    • Warranty covers 1 years parts, labor & travel, 2 year parts only, 15 years on all welds.
  • These chairs come new and Made-to-Order, and ships within 6 to 8 weeks.  
  • Shipping for each chair is $65.00.

 Specifications for the Stryker Evacuation Chair (6254):

  • Model 6254
  • Height: 45" (114 cm)
  • Width: 20.5" (52 cm)
  • Depth: 28" (71 cm)
  • Folded Depth 11" (28 cm)
  • Weight 34 lbs (15 kg)
  • Maximum Load: 500 lbs (227 kg)



Additional Details:

  • Passenger restraint set includes lap, chest and ankle restraints.
  • Dimensions are measured from the outermost edges of the main frame. Specifications are rounded to the nearest whole number. Conversions are calculated before rounding.
  • Depth dimensions are measured with extendable handles retracted.
  • Maximum load capacity is total weight distributed in accordance to basic human anatomy. Operators must consider the weight of the passenger, equipment and accessories when determining the total weight on the product.
  • In-service video included with every order.


This sturdy Stryker Evacuation Chair can support up to 500 pounds and still allows for easy control by the operator. Using breakthrough design and intuitive technology, Stryker's Evacuation Chair offers an essential solution to evacuation requirements for medical conditions, service interruptions, emergencies and accidents.

The patented Stair-TREAD tracks allow easy evacuation down stairs by a single person for passengers weighing up to 200 pounds. If the passenger weighs more, foot end lift handles also extend, allowing two people to lift an evacuee over obstacles or up stairs. 

The extendable handle also allows the operator to have a forwardfacing, upright posture for balance, line-of-sight and ergonomic safety.


Stryker reserves the right to change specifications without notice.

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Case Study atThe Regional Medical Center at Memphis

"It’s not a matter of if you will have to evacuate, but rather when you will have to evacuate,” says Stephen Chunn, Safety Director at The Regional Medical Center at Memphis, TN. With that in mind, Chunn knows disaster preparation is critical, especially since the Med is located in an earthquake zone.

As such, the Med applied for grant monies through the Health Resources and Services Administration (HRSA) to purchase the Stryker Evacuation Chairs for enhanced disaster response capabilities. HRSA mandates specified building standards for at-risk hospitals so they are capable of providing services after a disaster.

Evaluation Criteria Met

In making their application, Chunn and his team evaluated a number of evacuation chairs. “We were particularly impressed with how well built and easy to manage the Stryker chair is,” says Chunn. The Stryker chair met all of the team’s evaluation criteria: safety, ease-of-use, construction and cost. “Our team felt the Stryker chair was sturdier than other stair chairs on the market and was especially well suited for larger patients.” adds Chunn. The team also relied heavily on Stryker’s reputation for high quality beds and stretchers in making their decision. With their selection criteria met and grant funded, the Med purchased 43 Stryker Evacuation Chairs. Chairs are accessible in the rehabilitation unit where patients are wheelchair bound. This plan safeguards chairs if an earthquake should occur.


The Med is a 620 bed acute-care teaching hospital that serves a three state region within a 150 mile radius of Memphis. The facility encompasses six interconnected buildings and accommodates up to 2,400 staff, plus patients and visitors. Maintaining safe operations 24/7 is Chunn’s priority. In addition to overseeing day-to-day safety, Chunn manages required safety drills for disaster preparedness. Since purchasing the Stryker chair, they’ve used it during drills that specifically focused on earthquake readiness. “We know this chair is capable of handling our patients in the event of an evacuation and will be long-lasting,” says Chunn.

Staff feedback indicates Stryker’s chair is easy to operate and transports well. “We purchased the best built chair on the market and feel secure that when it is needed, it will perform as expected,” Chunn concludes.

Be a Step Ahead! For detailed information on how you can integrate the Stryker Evacuation Chair into your safety plan, contact us, or Call 1-877-929-4633.

Stryker Evacuation Chair Demonstration

Stryker Evacuation Chair Video in Action - Downstairs

Stryker Evacuation Chair Video in Action - Upstairs

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