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Stryker Evacuation Chair Accessories

Item # STRYKER CO | SKU # 6254-002-000

Stryker Evacuation Chair Accessories

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Stryker Evacuation Chair Accessories

Item # STRYKER CO | SKU # 6254-002-000

Price: $63.50 - $874.95

Accessories and Options (Sold Separately) for the Stryker Evacuation Chair

Wall Bracket

Model No. 6254-050-000

Wall Bracket for Stryker Evacuation Chair

For wall mounting the Stryker Evacuation Chair for storage. Order with Stoage Cover (Model 6254-055-000)

Please Note: Hardware is not included.

Storage Cover

Model No. 6254-055-000

Storage Cover for Evacuation Chair Cover  

Oxygen Holder

Model No. 6250-700-003

Oxygen Holder for Stryker Evacuation Chair  

Cabinet Alarm

Model No. 6254-045-000

Cabinet Alarm for Stryker Evacuation Chair

Intended for alerting someone when the cabinet door is open.  The alarm does not have a shut off. The alarm comes with an additional “key” which is a wire to insert once the alarm is set off. 

This alarm is not theft prevention device.  It is only a alert sounding device for the evacuation chair cabinet.

Foot Support

Model No. 6254-029-000

Foot Support for Stryker Evacuation Chair

Provides additional passenger security and stability. Easy to clean. Maintains a compact design to maneuver in tight spaces.

Must order at time of purchase of new 6254 Rescue Chairs

Aggressive Track Stair-Tread System

Model No. 6254-070-000

Aggressive Track Stair-Tread for Stryker Evacuation Chair

Provides constant traction on rounded stair edges. Works on metal, marble, wood, and concrete stairs. Reinforced with Kevlar. Patented designs controls descent in proportion to the passenger's weight.

Must order at time of purchase of new 6254 Rescue Chairs

Storage Cabinet

Model No. 6254-002-000

Storage Cabinet for Stryker Evacuation Chair

Reinforced closure with an identifying pictogram. Commercial quality steel construction. Highly visible emergency color.

  • Height: 47 in. (119.4 cm)
  • Width: 23.75 in. (60.3 cm)
  • Depth 10.25 in. (26 cm)
  • Weight: 42 lb. (19 kg)


Be a Step Ahead! For detailed information on how you can integrate the Stryker Evacuation Chair into your safety plan, contact us, or Call 1-877-929-4633. 

Special pricing available for Quantities of 5+ Evacuation Chairs.

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