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Tri-Foam Gel-Infused Visco Cushion

Item # VISC-FC 18 | SKU # SKI-754755

Tri-Foam Gel-Infused Visco Cushion

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Tri-Foam Gel-Infused Visco Cushion

Item # VISC-FC 18 | SKU # SKI-754755

Price: $95.50 - $95.50

For positioning and pressure relief, our Visco-Foam Cushion by Skil-Care has tri-foam gel-infused visco bariatric cushion provides pressure relief and redistribution for extreme bariatrics.

The top layer of the Visco-Foam Cushion responds to body temperature. Temperature-sensitive visco-elastic surface molds to user to relieve pressure. Middle layer of high-density foam adds comfort and prevents bottoming-out. Firm foundation controls sling-seat hammocking and distributes weight. Fluid-proof Low-Shear II cover prevents skin-damaging friction and shear. Safety strap keeps cushion securely in place. New anti-slip bottom for added user safety. The top layer of temperature-sensitive visco-elastic foam molds to your patient to decrease pressure and increase comfort.

Features for our Tri-Foam Gel-Infused Visco Sling-Seat Cushion with Low Sheer II Cover
  • Top layer of Gel-Infused Visco-elastic foam provides pressure relief
  • Middle layer of high-density foam adds comfort and cushioning
  • A Firm Foundation controls sling-seat hammocking
  • Three-part design prevents bottoming-out
  • Low-Shear II wipe-clean outer cover reduces skin damaging friction

Available Sizes for the Tri-Foam Gel-Infused Visco Sling-Seat Wheelchair Cushion

Model No. Size
754750 16"W x 16"D x 3"H
754755 18"W x 16"D x 3"H


Skil-Care’s Tri-Foam Cushions provide maximum confort and pressure reduction for bariatric wheelchair users. The three-part design incorporates a top layer of temperature sensitive visco-elastic foam that molds to the user to eliminate pressure “hot spots.” The center layer of high-density foam offers comfort cushioning, and protection against bottoming-out. The firm base distributes the user’s weight for efficient pressure reduction.

Low-Shear II cover fabric
This liquid-resistant, double-stretch, breathable polyurethane fabric with laminated polyester backing reduces skindamagining shear and friction.

Important Safety Notice
Be certain to secure the cushion’s safety strap to the wheelchair frame to prevent the cushion from sliding off the seat.

Easy Care
The Low-Shear II cover wipes clean with a damp cloth. Mild spray-type cleansers and disinfectants may be used. Do not launder the cover.

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