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PathoShield Gait Belt

Item # PS-GB 72 STARSST | SKU # SKI-914386

PathoShield Gait Belt

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PathoShield Gait Belt

Item # PS-GB 72 STARSST | SKU # SKI-914386

Price: $36.95 - $36.95

Provide transfers safety and give support and stability with our customer favorite PathoShield Gait Belts.

Sold by each - Our Wipe-Clean Plastic PathoShield Gait Belt by Skil-Care features:

  • Allows safe ambulation of unstable residents
  • Liquid-proof, plastic-coated webbing disinfects with spray or wipe-on disinfectant
  • Sealed construction with no stitching, does not allow penetration of bacteria
  • Secures with durable Delrin® side-release buckle
  • All belts are 2” wide and 72” long, and hold up to 350 lbs.


Color / PatternSize
914386 Stars&Stripes 72"L
914382 Blue 72"L
914388 Orange 72"L
914379 Green 72"L
914377 Yellow 72"L

The Gait Belt is intended for use when lifting, ambulating or transferring patients.  It is not to be used as a safety restraint in a chair or bed. Since the Pathoshield Gait Bets minimize the risk of harboring pathogens, they are to be used in lieu of fabric gait bets when a reduced pathogen environment is desired.


When an individual is at risk in ambulating without assistance, gait belts should be used.  The gait belt should be placed around the waist, and when the buckle is closed, the gait belt should fit snugly but not too tight to avoid patient discomfort.

The Delrin side release buckles are secured by inserting the make end of the buckle into the female side.  To release the buckle, simultaneously press the tabs at the top and bottom of the buckle.  Before ambulating the patient, make certain that the buckle is positioned out of reach of the patient.

The patient should be ambulated by having the caregiver placing their hands through the belt palms up, and grasping the belt.  Before ambulating the resident, it should be confirmed that the number of caregiver's and their ability is sufficient for ambulation without introducing risk to either the caregiver or patient.  The belt should be inspected before each use to assure that it isn't defective.


These devices may be wiped clean with a mild disinfectant.

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