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Econo Halsted Mosquito Forceps, Box

Item # ECOHALSTE 21-431 | SKU # 21-431

Econo Halsted Mosquito Forceps, Box

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Econo Halsted Mosquito Forceps, Box

Item # ECOHALSTE 21-431 | SKU # 21-431

Price: $31.47 - $32.30

Used in multiple procedures as a hemostat for small blood vessels, the ratcheted finger ring handle on our Econo Halsted Mosquito Forceps by Sklar provides a secure, locking grip to halt blood flow.

Mosquito forceps are known for their fine tips, and short, fully serrated jaws. They are available curved or straight. The standard length for this instrument is 5 inches. Halsted Mosquito Forceps are very similar to Hartmann Mosquito Forceps, however, the Hartmann style is finer and more delicate.

This product is stainless steel with serrated tips and a length of 5 inches. They are sold in boxes of 12.

Availability for Econo? Halsted Mosquito Forceps

Model No. Curvature and Length Packaging
21-426 Straight, 5 inches  Box (12 ct)
21-431 Curved, 5 inches Box (12 ct)


Note: Not appropriate for use with large vessels or arteries.

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