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Surgi-OR Mayo-Hegar Needle Holder

Item # SURMAYHEN | SKU # 95-847

Surgi-OR Mayo-Hegar Needle Holder

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Surgi-OR Mayo-Hegar Needle Holder

Item # SURMAYHEN | SKU # 95-847

Price: $36.25

Versatile and used in multiple types of surgical procedures, our ratcheted, finger ring instrument, the Surgi-OR Mayo-Hegar Needle Holder by Sklar Surgical Instruments, is one of the most commonly used surgical tools for both human and animal procdures.

Shorter length Needle Holders may be used in oral, gynecological, or dermatological procedures, as well as with small animals. Larger lengths of these Needle Holders may be used for deep tissue suturing such as in bariatric procedures, or in large animal procedures.

The Mayo-Hegar needle holder is commonly used with larger, heavier suture needles because of it's wide jaws. Surgi-OR™ instruments are mid-grade instruments, suitable for use in the operating room or surgery center.

These Stainless Steel Surgi-OR Mayo-Hegar Needle Holders have a straight curvature, with cross-serrated jaws featuring a central groove, and measures 6 inches overall.

Mid-Grade (Pakistan). Reusable. Non-Sterile and Latex Free

Model No. 95-847

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