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Sklar Surgical Instruments Instrument Cleaners

Instrument Cleaners are available at CWI Medical. If you have a question on what is the right Instrument Cleaner for you, Contact Us

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Available in multiple styles and made of various materials, our Sklar Instrument Cleaning Brush assist in cleaning all sizes…

For Manual & Ultrasonic Cleaning, Sklar Kleen Powder Detergent is an excellent way to reduce or eliminate the effects of…

An easy to use, water soluble, non-silicone lubricant and rust inhibitor, our Sklar Instru-Guard Lube is a Surgical Instrument…

Sklar Enzymatic - Multi-Enzyme Detergent Concentrate is 100% Biodegradable. Sklar Enzymatic Detergent is a low foaming, fast acting…

A water soluble, non-silicone lubricant and rust inhibitor, our Sklar Lube Spray used for Surgical Instrument is easy to…

Sklar Spray-Zyme is designed to clean surgical instruments and other metals, glassware, plastic, and rubber. Sklar detergent is…

Viewing 1 - 6 of 6 Items
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