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One of the most commonly used tool in simulation training is a ‘manikin’. Whether you’re a physician, a hands-on nurse or new parent, a training manikin can help you get around numerous difficult tasks and even save lives in threatening scenarios.  A manikin simulator can allow the student to learn, practice, refine and implement various procedures with the help of a life-size patient model which can breathe, demonstrate a heartbeat and pulse and showcase other vital life signs.

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An excellent and affordable educational tool, our Ready-Or-Not Tot Parenting Manikin (Basic Model) cries at preselected intervals around…

Take the glamour out of teen pregnancy and demonstrate the realities of the real world to your students…

Lightweight, rugged, and designed to teach CPR on Newborns and Infants, this is the African Amercian verison of the Kim…

Designed to teach infant CPR, our Kim Newborn CPR Manikin is a replica of a newborn child.  Economically…

This African American version of the Kyle Manikin. Lightweight with a rugged, foam filled body, the Kyle African-American CPR…

A replica of a 3 year old child, Kyle, the CPR Manikin is designed for the instruction of…

Developed for lifelike adult or juvenile patient handling, transportation, and extrication training, our Rescue Randy Large Body Manikin…

With complete lifelike range of motion, realistic patient positioning, and non-pinching joints, our Advanced GERi Auscultation Manikin moves like a…

Viewing 1 - 8 of 8 Items
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