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BACtrack Breathalyzer Drug Screening

Rapid Tests for Drug Screening in a professional or home setting are available at CWI Medical. If you have a question on what is the right Drug Screening test for you, Contact Us

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Before getting behind the wheel or working machinery, a convenient breathalyzer could save your life and those around…

This sleek, accurate breathalyzer is the smallest on the market. Its modern, white and black design fits any…

This affordable, sleek breathalyzer fits right in the palm of your hand. Perfect for users to fit in their…

Turn your smartphone into a breathalyzer with the BACtrack Vio by connecting it via bluetooth. With its ultra-compact…

With just one-button operation, get some of the fastest and most accurate results from the BACTrack Element. This…

An easy way to get an accurate BAC reading in seconds, the new BACtrack Trace™ Professional Breathalyzer is…

Turn your smart phone into a police-grade breathalyzer with the award-winning BACTrack Mobile Pro. With this breathalyzer, you can…

This is a premier professional breathalyzer which is an ideal choice for law enforcement, health professionals or anyone…

Viewing 1 - 8 of 8 Items
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