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Rapid Tests and Blood Collection Products for testing for Infectious Diseases. CWI Medical carries the products and testing kits you need to stock your office. Reliable and trusted, these rapid tests are regularly used for testing many of the most urgent and common infectious diseases like HIV, Mononucleosis and more.

We also carry a wide variety of infectious disease testing products like safety lancets, collection tubes and kits that include everything you need for your rapid tests.

Put your trust in CWI Medical to supply you reliable and effective rapid tests so you are ready for infectious disease testing and able to get results fast.

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Made from absorbent filter paper, our GE Bio-Sciences Whatman FTA Blood Stain Card is designed for the collection and…

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  • Alco-Screen
  • EnteraLite Infinity
  • First Quality Products
  • Janibell Disposal Systems
  • LiquaCel
  • Stryker