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Measuring Instructions for Individual Lying Down

Measuring While Laying Down

While the individual is lying on the bed (supine position), measure at the widest part of the hips.

Start the tape measure touching the bed (A). Run the tape measure over the individual’s widest part to the opposite side (B). End touching the bed (directly next to the individual’s body).

Measuring an Individual Lying Down

Take the end number (B) and double it. Write the number on the individual’s chart. Example: 24” (B) + 24” (B) = 48”

Compare the final number with the sizing chart to select the brief size. 48” = Large size

Measurements for Tranquility Incontinence Briefs

Small  Green 24”-32”
Medium  White 32”-44”
Large  Blue 45”-58”
X-Large  Beige 56”-64”
XXL-Plus  White 60”-80”
Bariatric  White 64”-106”


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