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DEFENDLOC Sterilization Pouches, Pre-Folded

Item # DEFENDLOC 35 X 10 | SKU # MYD-SP2150BX

DEFENDLOC Sterilization Pouches, Pre-Folded DEFENDLOC Sterilization Pouches, Pre-Folded
DEFENDLOC Sterilization Pouches, Pre-FoldedDEFENDLOC Sterilization Pouches, Pre-Folded

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DEFENDLOC Sterilization Pouches, Pre-Folded

Item # DEFENDLOC 35 X 10 | SKU # MYD-SP2150BX

Price: $9.95 - $49.95

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Quickly and extremely easily get a safer sterilization with a complete and uniform seal of the pouch, our newly redesigned DEFENDLOC PRE-FOLDED Sterilization Pouch incorporates a patent-pending technology — making instrument sterilization safer, more effective, quicker, and virtually foolproof for the entire dental staff.

DEFENDLOC PRE-FOLDED Sterilization Pouches key features and benefits:

  • New pre-folded flap closure folds perfectly into place, eliminating time consuming flap adjustment and helping to ensure the best seal possible. This helps eliminate misaligned seals that can compromise sterility.
  • Reinforced plastic pouch and rugged medical-grade paper guard against tears and perforations.
  • Pouches are constructed with dual internal and external indicators that change color when the optimum sterilization temperature has been reached, both in the autoclave chamber and inside the pouch.

Available Sizes for DEFENDLOC PRE-FOLDED Sterilization Pouches

Model No. Size Packaging
SP-0250 2.25" x 2.75" Box (200 ct)
SP-0350 2" x 7.75" Box (200 ct)

DefendLoc Evaluation Highlights

DEFENDLOC Sterilization Pouches were evaluated by 29 consultants more than 2,300 times.

  • Easy to use.
  • Efficient.
  • Pre-folded seal for accurate sealing.
  • Build-in internal and external chemical indicators.
  • Strong pouch material.

Defendloc Evaluation Highlights

FAQs on DEFENDLOC Pre-Folded Sterilization Pouches

Can these be used in a dry heat sterilizer?

What is the shelf life of pouches / Do they have an expiration date?
We recommend using the pouches within 1 year from date of manufacture.

Do the pouches contain lead?

What is the ETO indicator for?
ETO is for those who use Ethylene Oxide Sterilization.

What color does the indicator turn to show the proper temperature has been reached (each indicator)?
Top left is steam indicator which turns dark when temperature has been reached. Top right is for Ethylene and turns brown.

Is the size of the pouch the usable dimensions or the actual dimensions of the pouch?
Actual dimensions of the pouch.

Clinical Tips

  • Peel off the tab from over the adhesive, to avoid tearing and loss of adhesive.
  • Make sure you seal them properly.

Consultants' Comments

“Easy to use and efficient.”

“I like that the pouches have both an internal and an external indicator.”

“The pouches are strong - they did not rip when placing instruments into them.”

“Instruments did not pierce the paper or plastic, which can happen with generic pouches.”

“Easy to open and close.”

“The pre-folded flap is awesome, it helps to make sure the package is sealed properly.”

“Great product. I would switch in a heartbeat.”

“An autoclave pouch with “autoclave-friendly” blue dye would be desirable.”

“Stronger adhesive for the seal would be good.”

“The indicators were a little light, it would be nicer if they were darker for greater clarity.”

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