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SimplyThick Easy Mix Gel Thickener Packets


SimplyThick Easy Mix Gel Thickener Packets SimplyThick Easy Mix Gel Thickener Packets SimplyThick Easy Mix Gel Thickener Packets SimplyThick Easy Mix Gel Thickener Packets
SimplyThick Easy Mix Gel Thickener PacketsSimplyThick Easy Mix Gel Thickener PacketsSimplyThick Easy Mix Gel Thickener PacketsSimplyThick Easy Mix Gel Thickener Packets

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SimplyThick Easy Mix Gel Thickener Packets


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Simply mix with a spooon, straw, or fork (no shaking required), and your beverage is thickened to your desired consistency, and ready to drink within seconds!

Our flavorless  SimplyThick EasyMix Thickening Gel will not continue to thicken or separate over time, and will stay the same smooth consistency that you intended, whether as nectar, honey, or pudding consistency. And since it is a gel, it does not form powder lumps ever.

Along with Fortified Drinks, SimplyThick Thickening Gel works in all these beverage and drink favorites:

Juice Water Coffee Beer
Milk Ice Tea (Hot or Cold) Wine
Soup Broth Hot Chocolate Ice Cream


This new concentrated formula produces 2.5 times as many servings per bottle, so the packets are even more convenient when traveling and easy to use when preparing; no scoops, spoons, or open containers.

SimplyThick consistencies are reproducible regardless of who is preparing the beverage.

Available Sizes and Consistencies for Simply Thick Easy Mix Gel Thickening Packets

Consistency, Packet Size Serving Size Packaging IDDSI Level Model No.
Nectar, 6 gm 4 oz Box (200 ct) IDDSI Level 2 STIND200L2
Honey, 12 gm 4 oz Box (100 ct) IDDSI Level 3 STIND100L3
Nectar, 48 gm Bulk 32 oz Box (50 ct) IDDSI Level 2 STBULK50L2
Honey, 96 gm Bulk 32 oz Box (32 ct) IDDSI Level 3 STBULK25L3


Need a bigger serving size? View SimplyThick EasyMix 2 Liter Bottle w/ Pump

View SimplyThick Recipes

FAQs for SimplyThick EasyMix Thickening Gel

For Samples of SimplyThick EasyMix, please call us at 1-631-753-8390.

Please Note: SimplyThick EasyMix replaces SimplyThick's 01001, 02001, 01004, 02004, 05000, 05005, and 05010

Nutrition Profile for SimplyThick Easy Mix Thickening Gel Packets

SimplyThick EasyMix Thickening Gel Packets Nutrition Profile

FAQs for SimplyThick Thickening Gel

How long may SimplyThick products be stored?

SimplyThick products may be stored unopened in its original packaging for up to 12 months from its manufactured date.  This "Best If Used By Date" is stamped on each packet and printed on bottle labels in MMDDYY format.  If you have a packet or bottle that is beyond this date, it may be a little more difficult to mix into solution but should still function properly.

Once a bottle is opened, you should use within 90 days. On the back label of the bottle is a place where you can write the date opened.

Once a beverage is mixed with SimplyThick you should consume within 72 hours.  Store leftover beverages in the refrigerator.

Can I use SimplyThick products in the microwave oven?

Yes.  Once SimplyThick gel is removed from the original packaging and mixed into beverages or pureed foods, it is safe to be heated and reheated in a conventional or microwave oven.  For example, if a cup of coffee thickened with SimplyThick gel gets too cold, you can reheat in the microwave.

However, SimplyThick packets should NOT be used in a microwave oven because the packets contain a metalized foil.

Can you freeze beverages or food thickened with SimplyThick gel?

Yes.  SimplyThick will maintain a nice uniform thickness in a beverage or pureed food that is frozen and then thawed.  This means you can use SimplyThick gel to make ice cubes and frozen pop treats that melt into proper consistency.

What can SimplyThick gel thicken?

SimplyThick can thicken just about any liquid, whether hot or cold.  This includes water, juice, MiraLAX, soda, milk, coffee, tea, soups, purees, beer, wine, and mixed drinks.

Download our SimplyThick Recipe Book

Instructions to thicken MiraLAX for nectar or honey diets


MiraLAX® is a registered trademark of MSD Consumer Care, Inc, Memphis, TN.

Ingredients for SimplyThick gel thickener: Water. soluble fiber, xanthan gum, Glucono delta-lactone, gellan gum, potassium sorbate, calcium chloride, citric acid, sodium citrate, guar gum, and pectin.

Certified Kosher - The Kashrut Authority

SimplyThick EasyMix is free of major known allergens.

SimplyThick EasyMix Thickening Gel Demonstration

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