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SimplyThick Replacement Pump


SimplyThick Replacement Pump

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SimplyThick Replacement Pump


Price: $12.95

The SimplyThick dispenser bottle pump is designed for simple, quick use in situations that require maximum flexibility in thickening. This replacement pump fits securely on the 64 oz. bottle.

SimplyThick is extremely easy and convenient to use for any time, anywhere, with any beverage.

*Please note SimplyThick Bottles are sold separately.

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SimplyThick Recipes

SimplyThick Frequently Asked Questions

• Quick - ready to drink within seconds, not minutes

• More Beverages - hot or cold, thicken water, coffee, juice, ice, soda, supplements, milk, tea, soup, beer, wine, mixed drinks, and more.

• Stable - does not thicken over time; prepare beverages long before they are served

• Discreet - individual packets fit into a pocket or a purse; easy and convenient to take anywhere

• Convenient - single-use packaging; no scoops, spoons, or open containers

• Simple - identical preparation regardless of consistency or beverage; no thickening charts; no messy powders

• Reproducible - regardless of who prepares beverage, always the same consistency

• No Lumps - as a gel, can not form powder lumps

• Dietary Benefits - soluble food fiber; adds few calories; low in carbohydrates; very low in sodium

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