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How Do Diabetic Socks Work

by Carmel Foot Specialists


How do diabetic socks work? They are very simple, yet they can help out those with diabetes to control the foot issues that come with the disease. Diabetic socks usually have a looser top to allow easier circulation of blood. When blood circulates, the foot is better able to defend itself from sores or other things that could lead to amputation.

Another reason why diabetic socks are important for diabetics is the additional padding inside the socks that provides protection when diabetics lose sensitivity in the limbs. This is important because if you cant tell if you have a sore on your foot, it can easily get infected and lead to amputation.

Diabetic socks are made of material that controls moisture which eliminates the growth of bacteria. If a diabetic had a sore that had been rubbed into the skin, bacteria could get inside the bloodstream and cause more problems.

All of these unique features in the socks help significantly in the treatment and prevention of diabetic issues.

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