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Alco-Screen Alcohol Test Strips

Item # ALCO-ATS CASE | SKU # CHE-55001-300

Alco-Screen Alcohol Test Strips

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Alco-Screen Alcohol Test Strips

Item # ALCO-ATS CASE | SKU # CHE-55001-300

Price: $35.00 - $384.00

Fast, Easy Screening Test For The Detection Of Alcohol

The Alco-Screen Alcohol Test was designed and patented in 1988 as a simple, cost-effective solution to screen for alcohol concentrations. Since that time, Alco-Screen has proven to be the leading alcohol screening device in the field!

Alco-Screen Alcohol Test Strips promote a safe work environment and increased productivity by helping to eliminate alcohol related accidents. Alco-Screen helps in the enforcement of "zero tolerance" laws, rules, regulations and agreements which prohibit alcohol consumption. Alco-Screen? also helps to monitor individuals enrolled in treatment programs. Individually wrapped, 24 Strips/Box.

The Alco-Screen can be used at any time, any place. Each test is individually wrapped and completely disposable. Does not require a machine.

Greatly reduces the time and cost associated with other single and multiple use methods.

The relationship between the amount of saliva alcohol and blood alcohol is 1:1 while the breath is 0.00048:1, making saliva a more sensitive medium than breath.

In addition to testing saliva alcohol, the Alco-Screen can detect the presence of alcohol in other fluids.

Economical and Cost Effective
There is No equipment to purchase, service or calibrate, No possibility of Cross-Infection, No additional supplies needed, No reagents, No chemical mixing, No waste, No refrigeration and No operator training required.

Our Alco-Screening tests comply with COAST GUARD Regulations for commercial marine incidents, FDA Cleared, CLIA Waived and may used at facilities, establishments, and even for home-use.

Reliable, accurate, and widely used among transportation companies, schools, drug treatment centers, DWI programs (SADD,MADD, etc), Employee Testing, Correctional and Probation/Parole Officers.

Model 55001-300 . Packaged 24 Strips per box.  12 boxes per case (288 Ct).

Alco-Screen Alcohol Test Strips

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