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Chemcard Cholesterol Screening Test Strips

Chemcard Cholesterol Screening Test Strips

SKU # CHE-43024



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The Chemcard? Cholesterol Screening Test is a complete, on the spot, 3 minute whole blood screening test to aid in the early identification of elevated total cholesterol levels. By incorporating patented blood separation technology, the Chemcard? family of products require only a single, unmeasured drop of finger stick blood to complete the test.


  • Finger stick whole blood
  • No sample premeasurement
  • No instrumentation required
  • Results in 3 minutes
  • Ideal for on the spot testing in physicians offices or mass screenings
  • Reliable results
  • Simple to read
  • 24 test strips/box

Classification Accuracy by Risk Level (Pooled results from 2 clinical trials)
The Chemcard? Cholesterol Screening Test correctly classified 98.1% of those patients with cholesterol concentrations > 200mg/dl as being at risk. Of those patients who were classified by the Chemcard? as having desirable cholesterol concentrations, 98.1% were found to have cholesterol concentration < 200mg/dl.

In clinical studies where the Chemcard? classified patients as being at high risk, 81.8% had actual cholesterol concentrations > 240mg/dl. The Chemcard correctly classified 97.9% of those patients who had cholesterol concentrations below 240mg/dl as being desirable or borderline high risk. Lancets sold separately.

*This product is for professional use only.

Model 43024. 24 Strips/Box.