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Stryker Evacuation Chair Accessories

Stryker Evacuation Chair Accessories

SKU # 6254-002-000




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Accessories (Sold Separately)

Wall Bracket: Model 6254-050-000

Storage Cover: Model 6254-055-000

Oxygen Holder:6250-700-003

Foot Support: Model 6254-029-000
Provides additional passenger security and stability. Easy to clean. Maintains a compact design to maneuver in tight spaces.

Aggressive Track Stair-Tread System: Model 6254-070-000
Provides constant traction on rounded stair edges. Works on metal, marble, wood, and concrete stairs. Reinforced with Kevlar. Patented designs controls descent in proportion to the passenger's weight.

Storage Cabinet: Model 6254-002-000
Reinforced closure with an identifying pictogram. Commercial quality steel construction. Highly visible emergency color.

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