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ConForm Cushion - Temperature Sensitive

ConForm Cushion - Temperature Sensitive

SKU # SKI-753150



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Our Low-rise, temperature-sensitive foam cushion ConForm Cushion by Skil-Care is made with Visco-elastic foam that molds to the user's dimensions.

  • High and low spots are eliminated to maximize pressure relief.
  • Leg troughs promote thigh alignment and postural symmetry.
  • Raised front controls sliding.
  • Safety strap keeps cushion in place.
  • Low-Shear II cover prevents skin-damaging friction.
  • Special 18-month replacement guarantee.
  • Temperature-sensitive visco-elastic foam molds to your patient to decrease pressure and increase comfort.
  • New anti-slip bottom for added user safety.

Model 753150. Size: 18" x 16" x 2-1/4"