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Mr. Flexible Skeleton Model Skeleton

Mr. Flexible Skeleton Model Skeleton




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Mr. Flexible Skeleton Model Skeleton is a first-class human skeleton model with a flexible spine which allows almost all natural bending positions or postures. All fissures, foramen and anatomical details have been carefully reproduced. The skull is dissectible into 3 parts: calvarium, base of skull and lower jaw. The upper and lower extremities are flexibly mounted and removable. Rotation and movements of skull on 1st and 2nd cervical vertebrae can be demonstrated as well. The spine includes nerve branches and vertebral artery. Articulating joints allow for movement.

This skeleton is not only suitable for illustrative instruction, but allows demonstration of almost all natural movements of the human body. The skeleton is mounted on a mobile stand. Height: 5' 5". 3B Scientific GmbH.