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How to Avoid Embarrassment at the Airport

by Noah Lam, Chief Operating Officer of CWI Medical


If you're a Billionaire like Donald Trump, Rap Star Mogul like Sean Combs or a Movie Star like John Travolta who flies his own Boeing 707 Jet, then you can travel without any of the encumbrances. The rest of us common folk are required to wait on lines at the airport, so that Transportation Security Administration (TSA) can check our luggage prior to us boarding the airplane.

So how do you balance protecting our skies and the embarrassment of letting everyone know that you are incontinent?

As I understand, the TSA Agents are trained to be extra cautious when a special request has been made during the search. They need to err on the side of caution because lives are at stake. These agents are here to protect you first. It is difficult to make the distinction of whether a personal item is a weapon or something just embarrassing of nature. They are required to think that there is something in the luggage that is a potential hazard to the public.

But if you do make a request, please communicate that the item is very personal. Ask them to be discreet, so that they may avoid flashing it to the public. One suggestion that will help aid the TSA Agents perform the search is to tell them where the special item is in the bag, so that they are aware to search around that item.

While the public awareness of incontinence is becoming mainstream, it is still an embarrassing issue for many. Today's technology in incontinence products is vastly superior than previous models, and it continues to expand as demand for these products grows. Many years ago there were just cloth diapers. Then came plastic backed products. Now there are cloth like products that are just as thin as your underwear. Who would have thought that paper would be able to hold water?

In addition, you must limit the amount of liquids you are allowed to bring aboard the airplane, such as Purell Hand Sanitizers.

Please remember that the TSA Agents are trained to be discreet and protect us. Enjoy flying the friendly skies for your next business trip or your vacation to Disney World in Orlando!


Noah Lam has over 20 years of experience of providing high quality medical supplies and healthcare products from Acute Care Facilities to parents and children. His company, CWI Medical is a leading provider of clinical diabetic nutrition to healthcare facilities, dialysis centers, and for home use. In addition, CWI Medical is an ACHC Accredited organization maintaining standards of excellence in the Healthcare Field. To read about his fitness journey from couch potato to doing his Ironman, click here.

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