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Caution of C-Diff in a Hospital

by Noah Lam


Don't Get More Sick in the Hospital

My elderly friend was in the hospital for some complications with a virus only to be infected with C. Diff. which added diarrhea to his diagnosis. It made it difficult for him to hydrate. From the doctor's explanation, it's possible to catch C. Diff after using antibiotic medications.

The clinical name of C. Diff is Clostridium Difficile which is a bacterium that causes symptoms such as diarrhea and other colon inflammations like cramping. The doctor asked us to pay attention to any areas of raw tissue, blood in the stool, fever, or weight loss. He was having a hard time with wearing an adult brief for the diarrhea.

The doctor also explained that the C. Diff can be found on any surface and can be airborne. Unfortunately, it is most common in hospitals and other health care facilities such as nursing homes.

While healthy people have millions of bacteria in their intestines and usually don't get infected by C. Diff. However if you take an antibiotic for an infection, the antibiotic attacks both good and bad bacteria. It is spread from the hands and the cross contamination such as telephones, remote controls, blood pressure cuffs, bedrails, car handles, door knobs, toilets, sinks, stethoscopes , and other healthcare equipment. So please use universal infection control precaution protocols such as washing your hands with warm water and soap, use hand sanitizers when available, wear gloves , gowns and facemasks.

Healthcare facilities are being proactive to reduce the bacteria in healthcare facility surfaces. They want to avoid the extreme complications from C. Diff can be kidney failure, colon ruptures and worst yet, death. So they disinfect the facilities with a bleach product which is the only thing that can kill the bacteria. A 1:10 bleach solution or prepackaged bleach wipes such as Sani-Cloth Bleach Wipe.

In addition, healthcare workers are diligent in changing antibiotics and adding probiotics to the diet. I think you might have seen commercials of Jamie Lee Curtis eat yogurt with probiotics.

Stay healthy and free from C. Diff! Visit Your friend will be grateful as well as your own intestines.


Noah Lam has over 15 years of experience of providing high quality medical supplies and healthcare products from Acute Care Facilities to parents and children. His company, CWI Medical is a leading provider of clinical diabetic nutrition to healthcare facilities, dialysis centers, and for home use. In addition, CWI Medical is an ACHC Accredited organization maintaining standards of excellence in the Healthcare Field. For more information, please visit

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