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Cleaning Sklar Surgical Instruments

by Carole Carson


1.) Immediately after procedure at point of service, wipe or rinse instruments free of any obvious bio-burden. Do not allow blood and / or fluids to dry on surface.

2.) Immediately after Step 1, disinfect instruments with an intermediate level disinfectant. The disinfectant should contain rust inhibitors and be specifically designed for use on stainless steel instruments. We recommend immersing instruments in Sklar Soak™ for at least 3 minutes. (After 3 minutes the instruments are considered decontaminated and are then safe to handle and / or transport.)
Rinse with distilled or de-mineralized water.

3.) After disinfection, inspect stainless steel instruments for visual bio-burden. If necessary, pre-clean stainless steel instruments using a pH neutral enzymatic cleaner designed specifically for use on stainless steel instruments. Sklar recommends Sklar Enzymatic™, available in a concentrated liquid gallon, a double concentrated .5 oz packet and a foaming enzymatic spray.

4.) Thoroughly clean stainless steel instruments either manually with soft nylon brush, or in ultrasonic cleaner or washer / disinfector with low or neutral pH detergent, concentrating on any hinges, openings, and box locks. We recommend Sklar Kleen™ which is available in a liquid, low foaming liquid or powder foam.
Rinse with distilled or de-mineralized water.

5.) Lubricare stainless steel instruments thoroughly, in an open position. We recommend using Sklar Instru-Guard™ Lubricant. Either spray Sklar Lube™ on the instruments, concentrating on moving parts, or dip instruments in Sklar Lube as a milk bath. Because Sklar Lube contains a rust inhibitor, use Sklar Lube on all stainless steel instruments, including those with moving parts. Allow excess lubricant to run off instruments or pat dry, but do not rinse.
Wrap stainless steel instruments or insert into pouches in open position, applying tip protectors where necessary. Utilize steam sterilization (autoclave) to achieve terminal sterilization.

Note: Follow the above procedures for all new stainless steel instruments, prior to initial sterilization and use.

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