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Dealing With Customers Who Won't Follow Covid-19 Safety Rules

Now that Covid-19 has infected millions of people across the globe, one thing is for certain - the only way for businesses to stay open is to implement safety rules. The Covid-19 safety rules have been recommended for a reason, and that is because they are effective in stopping the spread of the virus.

The basic rules include wearing a face mask at all times, maintaining six feet distance between people, and carrying hand sanitizer on your person. However, where there are rules, there will inevitably be people who break those rules.

Customers Who Won't Follow Covid-19 Safety Rules What should you do if someone isn't following the Covid-19 recommended safety rules?

The reason behind why a person may choose not to follow the rules is various. But that not following them can potentially lead to serious consequences for your business, and your other customers needs to be seriously considered.

  • You risk the health and safety of your employees. Should people fall sick, your business service will be affected.
  • If there is a spread of the Covid-19 virus in your establishment, it will be closed, and all your employees will have to quarantine.
  • Customers will not want to visit a business where the rules are not being followed for their own safety.

While you can't be rude to a customer who's not following the rules, you can make it difficult for them not to do so. The key to achieving this is to be prepared.

How do you prevent customers from breaking Covid-19 safety rules?

To ensure that everyone entering your business establishment is following the recommended safety rules, you'll have to be prepared. This means buying a small stock of personal protective equipment for the customers.

The amount you buy need not be large, but enough to stop and help a customer who doesn't have a face mask on. This equipment is only for the customers who aren't wearing or carrying their own equipment. The intention here is to make it safe for them to enjoy their shopping experience while following the recommended guidelines. Here is what you'll need:

1) Face Masks

Keeping a box of Disposable Protective Face Masks is a good way to ensure that you have face masks handy in case anyone enters your establishment without one. Another affordable variety of face masks you can consider are the Griffin Care Surgical Face Mask with Earloops . Both these varieties are one use only, and you should let your customers leave with them.

Keep at least one box of face mask handy with the person manning the entrance. Inform them that they should politely ask anyone entering without wearing a face mask to wear one at the entrance.

2) Hand Sanitization

Keeping your hands clean is the easiest way of ensuring that the virus doesn't spread around. The Covid-19 virus exists on surfaces, and touching the wrong surface can lead to exposure to the virus. Although disposable gloves are good for self-protection, it doesn't prevent other people from getting infected if the gloves' exterior is contaminated. An example of this is shaking hands with someone whose gloves are infected.

More importantly, while face masks have become more common, disposable gloves still aren't. Your business is more likely to come across people who aren't wearing gloves. This also increases the chances of Covid-19 spreading at your establishment.

The Purell Hand Sanitizer Quick Floor Stand is the perfect solution to this problem. If you place the stand at your establishment entrance, then many people will automatically use the hand sanitization station before entering. If they don't, ask your door-person to inform them that they have to disinfect their hands before they can enter.

A set of Hand Sanitizer Portable Packets at the counter will also be necessary. This acts as protection in case someone refuses to sanitize their hands at the entrance.

Ask the person behind the counter to provide hand sanitization wipes to anyone who enters. If they notice that the person hasn't sanitized their hand, this should be implemented instead.

3) Infrared Thermometers

The final piece of equipment you will need is a good infrared thermometer. Either the JXB 183 Non-Contact Infrared Thermometer  or the  JXB 178 Non-Contact Infrared Thermometer are both excellent options.

Ask the person manning the door to register the temperature of anyone entering. Should any customer run a temperature, they should be politely asked to leave and return when they are healthy. Make sure to wish them on their recovery. While it's true that not everyone who has a fever is infected with Covid-19, it's also best to play it safe during a pandemic.

Use these safety and protection gear to ensure that your business establishment stays free from Covid-19 and open through the rest of the pandemic!

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